• [Russian]Уважаемые игроки, просим Вас помнить, что ваши игровые данные не должны совпадать с теми, что Вы указывали ранее на других серверах.
  • [English]Dear players, we ask you to remember that your game data should not coincide with those that you specified earlier on other servers.
  • http://royal-cabal.online/forum/index.php?threads/update-1-3.87/ - RELISE new UPDATE 1.3 [Launcher]

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Nov 21, 2018

Update fix released [APOCALYPSE] 17/01/2019

You can get the update from the link below
The following changes / additions are included:

  • Trimmed BM2, BM3 at classes Blader and Force Arches
  • Optimized prices in the store OP
  • Corrected description of Apocalypse boxes
  • Values in mercenaries correspond to reality
  • Changed the options of things in the boxes Apocalypse (weapons, helmet)
  • Increased cooldown for Mage skills (Focus и Magic Control)
  • Fixed a bug with Focus damage
  • Fixed requirements in Forcium items STR, INT, DEX
  • Changed attack values in Forcium Katana-Sword, Great Sword-Daikatane.
  • Reduced the number of required resources for crafting the amulet Amenhotep
  • Increased the number of Cash in the certificate from the box for voting => 5 cash
  • Lowered properties in Royal potions 1,2,3 ур
  • TG balanced
  • The guards of the whole TG are strengthened (including the tower on the spawn)
  • Forskalibur is used as an item for enhanced buff
  • Core Rune high, highest no longer assigned to account
  • GM buff on level 1 is enabled
  • Boxes for TG can now be transferred in exchange (fixed)
  • New design Bloody Ice

  • Voting works (there may be temporary interruptions)

Yandex Disk
Actual 1.3 update

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