• [Russian]Уважаемые игроки, просим Вас помнить, что ваши игровые данные не должны совпадать с теми, что Вы указывали ранее на других серверах.
  • [English]Dear players, we ask you to remember that your game data should not coincide with those that you specified earlier on other servers.
  • http://royal-cabal.online/forum/index.php?threads/update-1-3.87/ - RELISE new UPDATE 1.3 [Launcher]

Concept EU Server Royal


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Nov 21, 2018
We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the other guides of the server.

  • Server 8 episodes with additions 21 episodes
  • PvPvE Direction
  • Final Set - Chaos
  • All dungeons are working
  • Uniform Class Balance
  • Sophisticated server economy
  • Powerful server hardware
  • DDOS protection - game server, website, forum.
  • Adequate and responsive administration

At the start:
  • In the inventory is everything you need when you start
  • Free starter set
  • 20 rank
  • Unique scroll of the server description right in the inventory
Server Rates:
  • Experience - x150
  • Skill Experience - x250
  • Crafting experience - x10
  • Chance of dropping things - x10
  • Pet Experience - x100
  • Experience wExp - x100
  • The number of loss of things - x3
  • The lack of execution of tasks of the storyline
  • Unique music and sound in the game
  • Shop with all the necessary items
  • New tasks in capsules
  • New dungeons 21 episodes
  • No hand drawn
  • Maximum-Smart PvP (person vs person)
  • New recycled titles
  • New own glow BRINGER
  • No extra costumes, skins weapons, wings, pets
  • Unique Apocalypse Event
  • Unique Event [TG]
  • Unique Event [Lakeside]
  • Unique Event [PvP], [PvE]
  • Separate NPC with awards for PvP tournament
  • Own craft "Firkus"
  • Unique PvE Pharma System
  • New monsters, bosses
  • Passive skills put together
  • Enhanced game class skills
  • New way to get Forcecalibur
  • Stable game client (win 8-10)
  • 24/7 support from the Administration
  • Frequent contests and events
  • When you start on our server, your character immediately appears in the BI with other players
  • Changed stats weapons Forcecalibur and glow to him
  • Launcher with automatic update
  • New * Unique * Mercenaries
  • Amplified rank stats starting at rank 11
  • Reinforced stats at bike RW3, Crystal board
  • The maximum level of pets is 20 lv
  • New unique jewelry
  • The strengthened point !!! (Up to +9 100%)
  • New runes with a unique system of pumping
  • New titles
  • Guild Icons from Level 1
  • Maximum level - 200
  • New Talisman - Fighter / Sage Talisman (Unique)
  • The method of obtaining BM3 2 lv. through formula maps
  • New Blessing (All options available)
  • Removed the queue at the War of Nations
  • Nice game interface (Improved client stability)
  • From scratch, a drop is recorded on locations and in all dungeons.
    Dungeon Records Activated
  • All stores are rewritten (DP, wExp, CC)
  • Updated auction (the ability to add new items)
  • Removed limit on the maximum amount of Alz
  • Changed items received by the character at the start
  • Auto database backup is also configured - automatically. What is important for you and us.
  • New Map - Senilinea
  • Unique zone pharma ALZ
  • Drop list is located immediately in the entry to the dungeon
(с) [REVIVAL] Royal Cabal online
and much more...​

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