• [Russian]Уважаемые игроки, просим Вас помнить, что ваши игровые данные не должны совпадать с теми, что Вы указывали ранее на других серверах.
  • [English]Dear players, we ask you to remember that your game data should not coincide with those that you specified earlier on other servers.
  • http://royal-cabal.online/forum/index.php?threads/update-1-3.87/ - RELISE new UPDATE 1.3 [Launcher]
  • The campaign is launched before the end of the month - x2 donation. Have time to donate on favorable terms.
  • Запущена акция до конца месяца - х2 пожертвование. Успейте пожертвовать на выгодных условиях.

Recruitment of members to the administration


Staff member
Nov 21, 2018

Good day to all!

We currently need server assistants (GM and GA)

If you are competent, patient and adequately looking at everything, then welcome to the royal team.

What is required of GM? - Monitor the order on the server (catch cheaters, monitor the implementation of server rules by players, perform GA work while it is out)

What is required from GA? - Answer all game questions concerning GA, be a guide to the server.

For adequate performance of your work, you will receive donations from us in the form of game items.

Leave your profiles under this post!

Sample application:

Your nickname
Your age
Where are you from? (Country city)
What is your time zone?
Knowledge of Royal Cabal Server Concept

Age not less than 16 years
Game experience on the server for at least 1 month
Character level 200
To be in any guild

The absence of any locks on the server