• [Russian]Уважаемые игроки, просим Вас помнить, что ваши игровые данные не должны совпадать с теми, что Вы указывали ранее на других серверах.
  • [English]Dear players, we ask you to remember that your game data should not coincide with those that you specified earlier on other servers.
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  • The campaign is launched before the end of the month - x2 donation. Have time to donate on favorable terms.
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EN Game Server Rules

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Nov 21, 2018
We kindly request! Before registering, read the server rules!

RoyalCabal server rules: REVIVAL 2018

  • Ignorance of the rules of the server is not an excuse.
  • Administrator, and people in this category are always right.
  • The administration reserves the right to change these rules without notifying the players.
  • The administration is committed to not biased against each of the players, not paying attention to personal hostility or resentment.
  • The administrator has the right to choose the degree of punishment at its discretion.
  • The rules apply to all players, regardless of their game status on the server.
  • The administration has the right to make any updates on the server, as well as to correct or supplement the rules of the server, without prior notice to players.
  • The administration does not compensate for game values lost due to your mistake, game bugs, technical problems on the server.
  • The administration has the right to control and intervene in the game process in any cases when it deems it necessary.
  • Players and Administrators should not often abuse the use of profanity, including veiled, in relation to each other, as well as in relation to any situations, objects, events, etc.
  • Players and administrators are prohibited from insulting each other, friends, relatives, religious feelings, political preferences of anyone. Also, any other attempts to humiliate players and administrators are prohibited (chat, nickname, etc.)
  • Prohibited racism, sexism, inciting ethnic and religious hatred, as well as any discrimination and information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation. This item applies to any manifestation when visiting a game server.
  • Forbidden disrespect to the administration of the server. When communicating with the server administration (administration assistants), the player must be: honest, courteous, polite and patient, in turn, the administrator must respond to the same.
  • It is forbidden to deceive the administration of the server, as well as otherwise mislead the representatives of the administration.
  • The use of nicknames administrators is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to impersonate a representative of the administration, as well as an authorized representative of the administration, having no reason to do so.
  • It is forbidden to use any third-party software (server bugs, client flaws, etc.) on the client / server side. For this violation - BAN account forever.
  • It is forbidden to distribute links containing references to advertisements, viruses, cheats, insults, mate, materials of pornographic or violent nature.
  • It is forbidden to have 2 or more accounts. Otherwise, all game accounts will be erased.
  • It is forbidden to provide any information about other game servers that are not related to the RoyalCabal server.
  • Forbidden provocation of players, aimed at actions that violate the rules.
  • When carrying out the battle for Forskalibur it is forbidden to use macros on the! Space! In the case of an accidental raising of 2 or more weapons, the character will be banned until circumstances are established, after which, at the discretion of the administration, it can be disbanded.
  • Your account is in YOUR hands. Try not to create a username and password that was once used on another server.
  • If you lose access to your account, contact your server administrator. If the account is really yours, then access to it will be restored, if you do not confirm this - the ban of this account.
  • It is forbidden to have 2 or more owners of the same account. Do not transfer the account to third parties.
When unbaning for RC and re-violation - ban, with the possibility of broken fee! Price depending on the reason for the ban.
Note: Not knowing the rules is not a liability off!
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